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Your Creative Space – Create, Collaborate, Meet, or Sell?

Baker Art Gallery

A studio / gallery combination is one possibility in your art business model

You need a space to create your art and to conduct your business.  This space could be anywhere from your home to multiple retail locations.  The use of your space could vary from just a place to create art to an elaborate facility with studios, warehouse space and a retail area.  As your business grows or shrinks so will your needs for creative space.

It is important to know what your studio and facility needs are and how they fit your business model and growth plans now and in the future.  In the link below you can download the Creatives and Business Studio and Facilities Audit from my book “The Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox”.  Take a few minutes and complete the audit so you can get a better feel for your creative space requirements now and in the future.  Use this information to help you plan your art business.

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