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Branding and Headshots for Artists – Gettin’ Geeky with Gina Schreck and Neil McKenzie

One of the many things that is necessary to have a successful art or creative business is to build your brand. For many artists and creatives the brand is you! OK, you need to develop a business and marketing plan, you need to surround yourself with people who can inspire and help you. Where are all of these activities leading? – To build a brand which is sustainable, authentic, and memorable.

An important part of your brand are the images you use on your website, business cards and becoming increasingly more important, your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Your headshot is perhaps the most important image of all.

When I am not teaching Artrepreneurship at the Center For Innovation (MSCD), conducting workshops, writing articles for Creatives and Business or Colorado Biz Magazine, my other day job is photographing people at Neil McKenzie Photography. I specialize in business and personal brand photography; I don’t do weddings, pictures of flowers or scenes of the mountains. I combine my marketing and market research skills to get to know my clients and then create images which support their brand.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Gina Schreck who runs a company called Synapse 3Di based here in Colorado. Gina is nationally known for putting technology to work for organizations to help them to communicate, collaborate and perform better. She has written several books on social media under the “Gettin’ Geeky” title and is recognized as a true expert.

We spent some time prior to the photo shoot to come up with some ideas on how best to portray her brand – I think we accomplished our goals. Funny thing about the photo shoot is that Gina is about as far away from my idea of a geek as I can get – more like a fashion model shoot!

After the shoot she decided to do a “Getting’ Geeky” episode with me using one of the gadgets she brought along. Check it out; there are a lot of tips on creating a great image to portray your brand.