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Elevator Speech for Artists – What’s Your Story

Like all business people, artists need an effective introduction when they meet people.  Some people call it an Elevator Speech, others call it a 60 Second Commercial – I would like you to start thinking about it as “Your Story”.  In this short video I will give you some tools and techniques to help you develop and deliver your story.  OK, so what is Your Story?


Elevator Speech For Artists & Creatives – What’s Your Secret Sauce?

__Your elevator speech is not just for elevators!

You need an effective introduction when you meet people. Call it an elevator speech or 60 second commercial. I prefer to call it a story that describes your “secret sauce”

Developing and delivering your elevator speech is hard work and it takes a lot of practice. Almost all people in business struggle with getting that perfect few sentences that roll off of your tongue with ease and conviction – artists and creatives are no exception.

One of the things I do with my Artrepreneurship students at the Center For Innovation is to have them give their elevator speech at the start of every class beginning with the first class session. After the second or third class they know that they will have to give their “pitch” and start to take it seriously – you should take is seriously as well!

When you develop your elevator speech keep in mind two basic adages of advertising:

1. You can’t bore people into buying from you (and listening as well)

2) You can’t put ten pounds of stuff into a five pound bag (keep it short, concise and interesting)

Here are some tips on developing your elevator speech / story: Continue reading