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Building Your Artist Website


Today there are a lot of tools to help you build your artist website

Today there are a lot of options available to you to build your website and develop a web presence for your art business. You can build a website yourself or have somebody else do it for you.  You can also spend a little money to develop an effective website or you can spend a fortune.  Before you do anything, make sure you have a good understanding of why you are developing a website and who your target audience is.  It also makes sense to develop a budget on what you are willing to spend on website development, you can always add new features as your business evolves so try to budget for these as well.

Build a custom website yourself

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Elements of an Effective Artist Website

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How will you be found on the internet and how can you create a great viewer experience that will keep people coming back?

In the article, Artists – Why You Need a Great Website I took a look at how important it is for you to have a web presence for your art business.  In this article I explore some of the things or “elements” that make an effective website and web viewer experience.  Your overall goal for your web presence should be to provide the best viewer experience which connects with your audience, keeps them coming back and makes them want to tell their friends about you and your art.  Just like any marketing activity such as advertising or public relations, your website needs to cover the basics.  Three important areas to consider in developing an effective web presence include:

  1. The choice of your website address
  2. A strategy for your content
  3. Key website design elements and functionality

It starts with your website address

Your website address can have a large impact on your overall web success.  With millions of websites it should come as no surprise that the really good website addresses such at www.theartgallery.com are already taken.  Here are some tips if you are in the process of getting a URL or thinking of adding a new one:

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