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Don’t Forget the Little Things – Like Business Cards!

The Introduction

Think of your business card as more than something you leave behind after meeting someone. Make it an extension of your brand and your story

You need a good business card and I put emphasis on “Good”!  I have met many artisans in casual situations and even at art fairs who don’t have a business card.  Not only do they miss out on future sales they are not giving their brand a professional image that says, “I mean business!”.  Here are some ideas and tips on putting your business card to work for you.


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Art Business Startup Checklist

Art Business Startup Checklist

If you are just starting out or your art business is young make sure you have these things covered

In working with artists and other creative professionals I find that they are in a wide range of phases with regards to their art businesses. Some are just starting to think about starting an art business while others have a more or less fully developed enterprise. Many who are selling their art still need to complete some of the basic steps in forming and running a business. Here is a checklist to help you get some of the basics you will need to move your art business forward and minimize problems down the line.

While these items are necessary for starting your art business they are not a substitute for having a well thought out business and marketing plan. These items will not tell you how to do them or what choices you may need to make. I advise that you dig in deeper to each item and make the right choices and appropriate strategies. A good place to start is The Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox by Neil McKenzie. The book is available as a softcover and eBook from major book sellers. There are also many articles on the Creatives and Business LLC website that will help you in starting your art business.

If you just started to sell your art or have a show coming up in the near future here are some things you need to address:

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Elevator Speech for Artists – What’s Your Story

Like all business people, artists need an effective introduction when they meet people.  Some people call it an Elevator Speech, others call it a 60 Second Commercial – I would like you to start thinking about it as “Your Story”.  In this short video I will give you some tools and techniques to help you develop and deliver your story.  OK, so what is Your Story?


Financial Statement Basics For Artists – Income Statement

If you are in business you need to understand three basic financial statements, the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Projection – artists and other creative entrepreneurs are no exception. This article will discuss the Income Statement also known as a Profit and Loss or Revenue and Expense statement.

Income Statement Concepts

The first thing to note about the Income Statement is that it covers your financial activity for a period of time. Make sure you grasp this concept – “for a period of time”. The time period could be a month, a quarter, a year or any period you choose, even a day.

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