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Advertising for Artist Shows – Postcards / Artist Cards

Artist Postcard

An effective artist show card shows your work and tells your story

In working with artists I have seen some very good artist show cards and some which left a lot to be desired.  If you are having a show or exhibition of your art work then make sure you make the most of your efforts.  Art show cards or postcards are a direct reflection of your brand and can serve more purposes than having something to hand out at your art show or exhibition.

Some of the uses are:

  • Announce an upcoming show or exhibition
  • A take-away for visitors to the show or exhibition
  • Another piece in your marketing materials portfolio
  • Inclusion into a press kit or press release (digital version)
  • An addition to your artist portfolio
  • Something to show current customers, prospects and others in your network

Remember that your artist show postcards don’t do you any good sitting in a box or stuffed in a drawer.  Get them out there so people can see your work and experience your brand – be creative!

The basics of an effective artist show card

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Business Planning for Artists – The Planning Process

The business planning process consists of four basic questions

Every business needs a plan including businesses in the arts! A plan will help you organize your business and give it a much better chance to succeed and grow. Many successful artists and galleries have told me that when they started their business they now wish that they had spent more time to create a formal plan. They felt that having a plan would have enabled them to grow faster and make fewer mistakes – take their advice!

Whether you are starting a new art business or have an existing one, make sure that the planning process is a part of your business life. A major benefit of the planning process in addition to the plan itself, is developing a way of thinking about your business and the environment it operates in. You will begin to see things differently and uncover opportunities and threats before others see them

Most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do in planning for their businesses – don’t let this happen to you. Set some time aside for planning in your normal course of work – planning should be a normal part of your work!

The Planning Process

In keeping with the “planning your vacation or trip” theme, planning for your business is quite similar. The planning process is really quite simple and consists of four basic questions. Finding the answers to these questions is a little more complicated and will require some time and effort on your part. The basic questions in the planning process are:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. How are we going to get there?
  4. How will we know when we have arrived?

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Packaging for Artists : Build Your Brand and Your Profits – Part I

This is one way to package your art. It is inexpensive but adds little to your brand and value to your art

Most every product and many services are presented to the buyer with some form of packaging – this packaging could be very elaborate or as minimal as a tag. Manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG’s) have known for years that a effective package may mean the difference between making a sale or losing it to their competitors as well as the price(profit) they receive from the sale. Selling art is no different and you can benefit from effective packaging.

Some time ago I was talking to a successful ceramic artist about how he packaged and delivered his work to his customers. Typically his works were quite large, expensive and sold to upscale / well to-do customers. When asked how he packaged his creations he responded, “I just find an old box that clay came in, put the piece in it and deliver it to the client.” Let me get this right, you invested hours of your time to create a great piece of art, sold it to your customer for a good sum of money and delivered it to their door in an old dirty beat up box – what is this saying about you and your brand? A good package can say a lot about you and your brand!

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Pricing Your Art

One of the many decisions you will face in running your art or creative business is how to price your products or services. In strict economic terms, price is the amount paid in exchange for goods or services. You may start with an asking price and settle with the true or exchange price if you are in to bargaining. There is an assumption that the final price paid is equal in value to the goods received.

Price vs. Value

Price is different from value. As mentioned above price is the amount you ask or eventually sell your art for. For the artist (or seller such as a gallery or representative) the value of the art is quantified by the asking price. Things may not be so simple for the buyer.

Some of the things that go into value are:

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