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Art Districts in Colorado – Local Economies Benefit From Cultural Districts

Having a vibrant arts and cultural community can help attract businesses and make it easier for them to recruit and retain employees. One way to develop an arts community is to create an arts district or “magnet” for an area’s creative talent. Colorado has recently enacted legislation that encourages local communities to create cultural districts as a tool in economic development. Funding these districts and ensuring their sustainability are two of the major challenges that need to be overcome.

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Business Needs The Arts

When one thinks of business and the arts it is typical to think of how business needs to be a good community citizen and support the arts. They may support the arts because it is the right thing to do, their executives need some form of community service or they may really like art.

Businesses act in their own self interest and this is a simple fact. Now there is a reason to combine their self interest and support for art and culture. It can be summed up in three simple words. To discover these words check out my new article in ColoradoBiz:  How to get business to support the arts – It all comes down to three little words


Artists And The Creative Class

There are some changes going on in the economy and the creative sector seems to be the future of many economies. As an artist you are a part of this sector and for many of you this will provide great opportunities and business growth.

In his book, The Rise Of The Creative Class, author Richard Florida describes why this sector is important. Read more about the creative class here in my new article in ColoradoBiz Magazine: The Creative Class – The Lessons of Richard Florida.

Growing the Creative Sector of your Local Economy

In Colorado our creative sector is fifth largest part of our economy in terms of employment. Many of us who support the creative economy are involved in efforts to increase awareness of the State’s creative talents and help this important sector grow.

Two of the companies in our local area that are helping to promote our creative sector are and Modern In Denver magazine. Their efforts may give you some ideas on how you can promote the creative sector in your area. To read more check out the article – “The book end of the creative sector