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Choosing the right space for your art business

Your Creative Space – Create, Collaborate, Meet, or Sell?

Baker Art Gallery

A studio / gallery combination is one possibility in your art business model

You need a space to create your art and to conduct your business.  This space could be anywhere from your home to multiple retail locations.  The use of your space could vary from just a place to create art to an elaborate facility with studios, warehouse space and a retail area.  As your business grows or shrinks so will your needs for creative space.

It is important to know what your studio and facility needs are and how they fit your business model and growth plans now and in the future.  In the link below you can download the Creatives and Business Studio and Facilities Audit from my book “The Artist’s Business and Marketing ToolBox”.  Take a few minutes and complete the audit so you can get a better feel for your creative space requirements now and in the future.  Use this information to help you plan your art business.

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Artist Cooperatives – Are They Right For You?

One of the interesting choices you may have as an artist is to join an artist cooperative, especially if you are just starting out. An artist cooperative is an arrangement where you pool your resources with other artists to obtain studio space and possibly gallery and retail space as well.

Joining a cooperative is not a free ride. Typically, in addition to money you will have to do your part and put in time for the joint effort. A few examples of these duties could be: helping maintain the facility, assisting with shows, helping with marketing, helping with general business activities such as accounting, and attending meetings.

What is an artist’s cooperative?

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Choosing A Creative Space For Your Art Business

Your Creative Space

In addition to having a place to make your art, your creative space serves other purposes as well

Ok, at some point in time you may outgrow your studio and need to secure a new creative space. If you are serious about your art and art business, then it is likely you are going to be spending a lot of time working in your creative space. Choose your creative space wisely as it can have a big impact on your art, productivity, attitude, customers and your overall brand.

You need a space to create your art but you also need a space to conduct business. This space could be your home, a studio, a coop, a gallery to multiple retail locations – whatever is appropriate for your business model. The use of your space could vary from just a place to create art to an elaborate facility with studios, warehouse space and a retail area. Your needs may also change depending on your business model and if your art business is growing or shrinking.

Types and uses of creative spaces

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2015 Goals for Artists and Creative Professionals

Planning Checklist

When developing goals for your art business, a great place to start is with a simple checklist

OK, with the New Year just getting started, now is a good time to think about your art and business goals for the year(s) ahead.  You may have goals that are creative in nature or goals that are more in the realm of business and marketing.  Most likely you have both.

Spend some time soon to decide what your major goals should be and then write them down.  These could be major things you want to accomplish in the next few years to much shorter term projects.  After you have them written down, be sure review and revise them monthly or what ever works best for you.  In the following artice I will give you some ideas on art and art business goals for the New Year.

Just like any other business, artists need to set goals as well. Your goals will help guide your art business direction and help you answer the question of “where are you going?” When artists typically think of goals they think of their creative direction and what types of art they are going to create. If you have an art business you need to broaden the scope of your goals to include the major business functions.

Some ideas to help you in developing your art business goals

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