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Artist Goals 2014 – Developing and Placing an Ad for Your Art or Creative Business

Creatives and Business Advertising Chess vs Chance

A successful advertisement is a combination of research, planning, strategy and a bit of luck!

In the first article in this series on advertising for artists, Artist Goals 2014 – Places to Advertise Your Art Business the various mediums or venues to place an ad were discussed. These mediums ran the gamut from broadcast, print, outdoor to placing signs on telephone poles. If there is a place to put an advertising message then you can probably find someone has already done it!

The second article, Artist Goals 2014 – Creating Effective Advertisements the key ideas or concepts behind and effective ad were explored. In order for an ad to be effective you must have a purpose or objective behind your advertising and have carefully defined your target audience. The ad itself must have a strong headline, tell your story, offer the reader/viewer your proposition, have strong design elements to capture attention and finally an offer and call to action.

In this article I will take a look at some things you need to be aware of in developing and creating an advertisement for your art business. All media venues such as newspapers, magazines, web sites, and radio and television stations have specifications on the advertisements they run. These specifications will include the size of your ad, its resolution in terms of DPI or for video its bit rate as well a host of other factors. You need to be aware of these specifications and most likely you will have to design your ad to meet these specifications.

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Artist Goals 2014 – Creating Effective Advertisements

Elements of an effective advertisement

There are building blocks or elements that effective advertisements have in common

OK, one of your goals for this year should be to take a look at your advertisements and look for ways to make them more effective. Creating an effective ad is more than just having eye catching graphics or a great headline – It is having the right elements working in harmony.

Effective advertisements capture the attention of your audience, engage them with your intended message and if everything works out well they buy from you.

Here are some of the basic elements that are common to most good advertisements:

Target audience

Without having a solid concept of who your target customers are and a good understanding of why they buy, you are probably wasting your advertising dollars. Talk to your customers and find out what they read, the websites they visit and social media they participate in. In short, you need to find out where you will find your customer’s eyes and ears.

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Artist Goals 2014 – Places to Advertise Your Art Business

Advertising Venues for Artists

It is getting harder and harder to find a place not touched by advertising…

OK, one of your goals for this year should be to take a look at where you are advertising your art business and make changes to suit your goals, strategies and budgets. Are there places where you should be advertising?

Advertising is where you pay to have your message displayed on a particular medium for a particular length of time at a cost that is known to you. The key word with advertising is that you “pay”. Advertising is not free and it is important that you have a well thought out strategy before embarking on any advertising effort or program as it can get quite expensive.

There are a lot of factors that go into having a successful advertising program. The tricky thing about advertising is that all of these factors need to be working in your favor – kind of like an engine running on all cylinders.

In this article I am going to take a look at one of these factors and provide you with some ideas about places or mediums to advertise your art business. There are more places to spend your advertising dollars than you have money to spend on advertising, so choose wisely.

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Artist Goals 2014 – Getting Testimonials and Referrals

Testimonials and referrals

Testimonials and referrals can be powerful tools to build your art brand and business

OK, one of your goals this year should be to start a program to get testimonials and referrals for you and your art business. Testimonials and referrals can be a powerful tool to help you build your brand and sell more art.

A testimonial is either a written, verbal or video statement from somebody about the virtues of you and/or your art. Testimonials can take the forms of a letter, an online post, or a review. Today we are seeing testimonials in the online world in such services as Yelp as well as the many sites such as Amazon that allow visitors to post comments and reviews. For many companies these online reviews may mean quite a lot for their brand and their success.

A referral is different than a lead. A referral is someone who is expecting your call and they have been briefed on what you offer and there is a potential to do business. A lead is merely a mention of somebody who “might” be interested in your art. Clearly a referral is much more powerful than a lead.

There are many successful artists and businesses where testimonials and referrals make up most of their marketing efforts. These are very powerful tools you should consider using.

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Galleries, Shows, and Other Opportunities to Show Your Work

Today there are plenty of places where you can show and sell your work!

Today there are plenty of places where you can show and sell your work!

Today there are many opportunities for artists to show and share their work – you just need to be creative! Before you embark on choosing a venue to show your work you need to answer one simple question – “Is my customer likely to visit the venue either in the real or virtual worlds?”

When you talk to a person on the street and tell them you are an artist, one of the questions that they will likely ask is, “What gallery is your work in?” Being in a gallery is a large part of many artists marketing efforts and for some it says, “I have arrived”.

The reasons for having your work in a gallery can range from pure vanity, adding to your resume to selling your art. Hopefully one of your main goals will be to get new customers while building your brand.

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