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Artist Goals 2014 – Social Networking or Social Media?

Creatives and Business Social Networking vs Social Media

To get the most out of your online networks you will probably need to do a bit of both!

Ok, whether you are already using online social networks to promote your art business or you are just thinking about it, one of your goals should be to take a look at how you are using social your social networks. In this article we will take a look at two of the ways you can use your social networks – social networking and social media.

Artists and other creative professionals can benefit from using online social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn to build their brand and grow their business. These tools can help you expand your business reach, keep in touch with customers and prospects, and grow your bottom line.

Many artists are using some form of online tools with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest being the most popular. There are a multitude of networks that you should consider but keep in mind that you need to be in the places where you are likely to find the people you are looking for. Some networks skew more towards women than say men. Others may skew more toward different age groups and interests. Some networks are growing and others are in decline. You need to be sure that the social networks you participate in are where your customers and prospects can likely be found.

Social Networking vs. Social Media

Social networking is not the same as social media. Social networking is building a network of contacts and interacting with them on a personal basis. Social media on the other hand is using your social network as an advertising or public relations tool or channel. The uses of social networking and social media are not mutually exclusive – in most cases you will want to use both. The big questions are how to employ each of these concepts and in just the right amounts.

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Artist Goals 2015 – Getting Testimonials and Referrals

Testimonials and referrals

Testimonials and referrals can be powerful tools to build your art brand and business

One of your goals this year should be to start a program to get testimonials and referrals for you and your art business. Testimonials and referrals can be a powerful tool to help you build your brand and sell more art.

A testimonial is either a written, verbal or video statement from somebody about the virtues of you and/or your art. Testimonials can take the forms of a letter, an online post, or a review. Today we are seeing testimonials in the online world in such services as Yelp as well as the many sites such as Amazon that allow visitors to post comments and reviews. For many companies these online reviews may mean quite a lot for their brand and their success.

A referral is different than a lead. A referral is someone who is expecting your call and they have been briefed on what you offer and there is a potential to do business. A lead is merely a mention of somebody who “might” be interested in your art. Clearly a referral is much more powerful than a lead.

There are many successful artists and businesses where testimonials and referrals make up most of their marketing efforts. These are very powerful tools you should consider using.

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Twitter For Artists and Creative Professionals – Following, Followers and Tweeting

In this article I will explore some ideas on who you should be following on Twitter, who you should follow back and some of the basics of Tweeting. In the first article about Twitter, Twitter For Artists and Creative Professionals – Getting Started I took a look at getting started on Twitter and the importance of having a strategy and developing a great profile. If you are just starting out on Twitter I suggest you take a look at this article.

These are some of the types of people and organizations you should be following on Twitter!

These are some of the types of people and organizations you should be following on Twitter!

A Little Review

Twitter is fun!

Twitter is a great way to see what people who you find interesting are doing, reading and recommending. On Twitter you can follow other artists, galleries, museums, arts festivals, companies that make or sell art supplies and just about anyone else that interests you.

Have a Strategy

You need a strategy and need to know why you are on Twitter or any social media for that matter. What do you hope to accomplish and how you are going to execute it? Here are a few things you need to look at as to the reasons to be on Twitter:

  • Do you want to make new contacts?
  • Do you want to learn about new things, ideas and techniques?
  • Do you want to ask questions and seek advice?
  • Do you want to help others?
  • Do you want to use Twitter to help sell your art?
  • Are you looking for a social experience?

When you can answer these questions about why you are on Twitter your path to success on this social media platform will become easier. The Bottom Line – Know why you are on Twitter and what you expect out of it.

Who Should You Follow?

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Twitter For Artists and Creative Professionals – Getting Started

Use the header image on Twitter in addition to your profile text and picture to tell your story!

Use the header image on Twitter in addition to your profile text and picture to tell your story!

I must admit that when I first heard about Twitter, I didn’t get it… What was I supposed to do with these short 140 character messages and possibly of what value could they be? In the several years that I have been using Twitter it has become my favorite social media platform, one which I look forward to checking out on a daily basis. I find that many artists and other creative people are not using Twitter either on a personal or business basis. I encourage you to take a look at Twitter and see how it might help you grow your art or creative business.

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn you can follow anyone you choose. This could be people you know, people you find interesting and even companies or brands that you like. If you present yourself as interesting there is a good possibility that the people you follow will follow you back.

Here are some of the things I have learned:

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