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Being productive, managing projects and backroom operations

Artist Goals 2015 – Be More Productive In Producing Your Art

Time is money

Time is money for business and your art business is no different

One of your goals this year (and for every year as well) should be to come up with ideas and make changes that will help you become more productive and efficient. You have heard the old saying “Time is money”, this applies to your art business as well. You may not think of creating your art as “production” or your finished art being a “product” but they are! Whether you create original pieces, limited editions or mass produce your art you need to be concerned about being productive and efficient in your art business.

Successful businesspeople know that any business or organization can reduce its costs without sacrificing quality or hampering the amount of work done (only to a point!). This goes for your art business as well. These costs may take the form of labor hours, materials used or technologies employed. There are probably some areas of your art business where you can reduce costs – what can you can come up with?

Being productive and efficient means:

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Production & Operations Basics For Artists

Early Citroen assembly plant

While your art business may not require an assembly line, it can certainly benefit from good production and operations management

As an artist you make and create things and in many respects you have the same challenges as any other company that makes a product or provides a service.  There is a field of study and practice in business management that concerns itself with making things called “Production and Operations Management”.

Production and Operations management is all about managing all of the things that go into making a product or service like materials, supplies, technology, methods and labor (called “Inputs”) and transforming them into a finished product or work of art (called “Outputs”).  The overall goal of production and operations management is to produce goods and services in an efficient, cost effective and profitable manner while maintaining the desired level of quality – a goal you should have for your art business as well!

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Customer Service – A Key To Growing Your Art Business

100% Guarantee

Great customer service is more than a 100% guarantee

In these still challenging economic times it is more important than ever to provide world class service. The old adage that keeping an existing customer is a lot cheaper than getting a new one rings even truer today. In a world of endless phone menus and computer voice recognition programs it seems that some organizations take their customers for granted – something you shouldn’t even consider!

Organizations that don’t take their customers for granted are positioned to grow as the economy turns around. Arts and creative enterprises are no different. When you hear the brand names Amazon, Zappos, Apple or Southwest Airlines you will probably associate them with great customer service. Whether you are a one person studio or run a larger operation you need to take care that your customer service image is world class.

What is customer service?

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2015 Goals for Artists and Creative Professionals

Planning Checklist

When developing goals for your art business, a great place to start is with a simple checklist

OK, with the New Year just getting started, now is a good time to think about your art and business goals for the year(s) ahead.  You may have goals that are creative in nature or goals that are more in the realm of business and marketing.  Most likely you have both.

Spend some time soon to decide what your major goals should be and then write them down.  These could be major things you want to accomplish in the next few years to much shorter term projects.  After you have them written down, be sure review and revise them monthly or what ever works best for you.  In the following artice I will give you some ideas on art and art business goals for the New Year.

Just like any other business, artists need to set goals as well. Your goals will help guide your art business direction and help you answer the question of “where are you going?” When artists typically think of goals they think of their creative direction and what types of art they are going to create. If you have an art business you need to broaden the scope of your goals to include the major business functions.

Some ideas to help you in developing your art business goals

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