Guerrilla Marketing For Artists – Resources From The Real Deal

Years ago when I was a management and marketing consultant (think 80’s) I ran across this little book entitled “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Levinson.  In the years since the author has written over thirty additional books with the Guerrilla Marketing flavor on various marketing and sales topics.  Jay is the real deal as a writer, speaker and authority on how you can grow your company without spending a lot of money.  I used his book for years as a source of ideas for my clients and now I use it with my Artrepreneurship students at the Center For Innovation (MSCD).

His books are not expensive – about $10 each.  I encourage you to check out these two and start to employ some of the ideas to grow your art or creative business.  This is one of the best investments in your business you will ever make!  Be sure to check Jay’s website Guerrilla Marketing, where you can find out more about him and there are plenty of articles and other resources as well.

The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook – Jay Levinson and Seth Godin

Guerrilla Marketing Weapons: 100 Affordable Marketing Methods – Jay Levinson

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